Get TOTY, TOTS and IF player in FIFA 18 Ultimate Team for free

Find out the best strategy to get great player without using the Squad Building Challenges, opening packs and paying money for FUT Points!

In FIFA 18 Ultimate Team you have a few different choices on how to get good player in your team. You can trade on the transfermarket and get great player for a good price, you can open gold packs, doing the SBC (Squad Building Challenges), playing wager matches on FUT 18,  having player on loan (for a certain number of matches), or generating free FIFA 18 Coins and Points with the FIFA 18 Coin Generator which is easy to use and takes only two minutes.

Getting them by opening gold packs is by far the most difficult way. You need to be really lucky to get a good player out of packs. Mostly you will only receive items like player contracts, manager, manager contracts, kits, badges and so on. Also you will get a lot averages player from random leagues like Saudi Arabia, Belgium or Russia. Getting player like Ronaldo and Messi out of packs is almost impossible. Some people say the chance of meeting Messi is higher than getting him on a pack.

Doing the Squad Building Challenges is harder than it seems. Actually it also requires a lot top player and a big amount of player on your account. Sometimes there are pretty nice challenges, which are easy to make, but these days it will be really difficult to get a great striker or midfielder. It is also very time consuming, because you have to get player to use them. You have to tribute about 11 player to get one good player.

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